Code of Conduct & Sustainability

INNOFACT supports a sustainable corporate policy that meets the needs of today’s society without compromising the opportunities of future generations.

We take our responsibility seriously and comply with legal regulations and guidelines.
All our processes are regularly reviewed and optimised with regard to resource and environmentally friendly implementation.
We support social and ecological institutions recognised for sustainability.
Wherever possible, team and customer events are always planned and implemented with sustainability in mind.
Free drinks for our employees and visitors are always purchased in returnable bottles.
As a responsible company, we take care of our employees. Parental leave, flexible working hours, home offices and regular training are part of our everyday life.
We develop sustainable solutions in the field of market research and adhere to recognised standards.
Our management is a role model in all aspects of sustainability.
We are convinced that our efforts towards sustainability will also further improve our competitive position in the long term.
We review our sustainability principles at least once a year and adjust them if necessary.
We are a member of BVM, DGOF and Esomar.

INNOFACT AG in January 2024

Karsten Polthier CEO/Spokesman of the Executive Board

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