Winning Competitions
with Market Research

With INNOFACT Pitchsupport, agencies significantly increase their chances of winning pitches and competitive presentations. This is because market research with panel samples unfolds its potential above all when it comes to fast, yet reliable and representative results.

Agencies use the cooperation with INNOFACT to convince their clients of the product or brand already during pitches with in-depth market research findings – without exceeding the limited cost framework of pitches.

Pretests and pitch support simple, fast, inexpensive

Agencies collect the essential points in pitch situations with their creative power, their relationship to the client and the quality of their presentation. However, when it comes down to it, INNOFACT delivers the decisive advantage. This is because clients are impressed to learn about target group-specific market research results for their product or brand already in competitive presentations. This makes market research a real market advantage for the agency.


A study to select a concept, claim or visual can be carried out within 48 hours with a sample of several hundred test persons.


A large number of studies show that respondents in an online interview situation respond much more freely, more extensively and more authentically than in a conventional interview situation. The reasons for this are the respondentsë tendency to complete a telephone interview or a face-to-face survey as quickly as possible and the interviewerës tendency to be satisfied with the first answer and not to ask further questions.

High population

A broader section of the population is more likely to respond to online surveys than to telephone or face-to-face surveys. Online surveys are to a large extent also conducted at the workplace and, in contrast to telephone surveys, reach the working population much more reliably.  With online surveys, the Probanthe time of the survey itself to a large extent choose. This eliminates the drop-out due to lack of time, which with conventional procedures primarily the socially stronger, working and of the population.

Accurate interview control

Many questions are subject to filtering, so that each respondent only sees the questions he can plausibly answer. In conventional survey methods, filter guides are often prone to errors. In online studies, this source of error is eliminated. 

Cost advantage

Due to the elimination of the cost-intensive CATI Interviews in favour of online interviews result in considerable cost advantages without having to sacrifice quality. 

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