Deep Impact

Making the
Unconscious visible

Purchase and consumption decisions are often not made consciously and rationally, but spontaneously and “from the gut”. Brand preferences, emotions, rewards, personal memories and expectations as well as the current context of decisions flow intuitively into purchasing decisions.

The specially developed implicit test INNOFACT Deep Impact combines an innovative survey method with the advantages of an online survey.

Customers and partners from various industries use INNOFACT Deep Impact to optimally align advertising impact measurements and customer satisfaction surveys. In this way, they gain decisive competitive advantages in highly competitive markets. 

Not only see the tip of the iceberg

Numerous purchasing and consumption decisions take place unconsciously and emotionally, especially when they are made under low involvement, time pressure, overload and high complexity. The innovative INNOFACT Deep Impact test provides an online tool for identifying and mapping the unconscious drivers of purchasing decisions. Combined with a powerful online panel, it can also be used to recruit and survey low-incidence target groups.

Numerous studies such as Ranganath, Smith and Nosek (2008) prove that a valid measurement of implicit content is possible through fast, spontaneous and non-reflected answers. Therefore, in the deep impact test approach, the answers are given by the test subjects in a narrow time window (approx. 2.5 seconds). The keyboard is used for quick and easy input.

Proven parameters

  • SBA (Spontaneous Brand Awareness) Above all, the evaluation of the response speed is an important indicator of the spontaneous anchoring of the brand.
  • CBP (Competitive Brand Preference) In order to clearly reflect the ranking of brands in the competitive environment, all brands are tested against each other in a pair comparison.
  • SBP (Spontaneous Brand Preference) Only the direct product preference is mapped.
  • SBI (Spontaneous Brand Image)
    A very complete and honest picture of the brand is achieved through the quick response.

Test procedure INNOFACT Deep Impact

After the screening, the respondents first undergo response training, which they adjust to the new survey situation by means of direct feedback. This is followed by the actual implicit survey and then the explicit part of the survey that supports the results.

Advantages at a glance

  • Fast, non-reflected spontaneous answers

  • No “tactical” approach of the respondents in answering the questions

  • Shorter survey duration thanks to quick answers

  • Greater willingness to participate and lower drop-out rates

  • Queries for brands and products also possible in a competitive environment

  • Possibility to benchmark the values for the four parameters

Possible fields of application

  • Advertising effectiveness measurements

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

Download INNOFACT Brochure Deep Impact (PDF)