Brand Clinic

Brand checking by way of
professional diagnostics

Many strategic corporate considerations begin by first determining the position of the brand. Where does it stand, what makes it unique, who uses it or would recommend it? The result of that process in the first instance is a variety of considerations with which to formulate your own growth strategy and develop communication. The INNOFACT Brand Clinic does exactly that: in a three-stage process whereby each builds on the last, the brand check reveals what characterises brands and by means of which tools they can be managed. Of special interest is the tool for brand expertsand brand consultants that allows them to begin their brand projects with an analysis that lays bare the brands‘ spheres of activity.

The brand on trial

INNOFACT normally questions N = 500 test subjects for this test. The target group definition can be chosen freely in Germany. The incident rate for this is assumed to be 30 percent. Individual adjustments such as its being carried out on an international basis, individualisation of the components or reporting in a custom design can always be made but must be discussed and calculated on a case-by-case basis.

How it works

INNOFACT conducts surveys with the aid of a tried and tested question bank based on many years of experience with regard to the topic of brands. As part of that, the existing standard questionnaire is adapted in order to optimally depict the relevant brand environment. Consequently, you will receive a unique analysis tailored exactly to the brand which is to be examined.

Available packages

Brand Clinic Basic

  • Unaided awareness
  • Aided awareness with up to 9 competitors Brand image with the aid of up to 12 industry relevant KPIs
  • Brand identity (survey of customer hypotheses as to the desired brand essence)
  • Short standardised top line report (Microsoft Power Point)
  • Price: 3,500 Euro
Brand Clinic Advanced

All the services from Brand Clinic Basic, plus

  • INNOFACT Brand Funnel (Consideration, Purchase, Re-Purchase, First Choice)
  • Free association with the brand in one word
  • Volume of tables (PDF/Excel)
  • More detailed standardised report (Microsoft Power Point)
  • Price: 5,500 Euro
Brand Clinic Premium

All the services from Brand Clinic Advanced, plus

  • Communication measurement
  • Perception of the brand in certain channels
  • The usage of certain channels
  • The communicated impression (positive/ negative)
  • NPS (Recommendation rate)
  • Personal self-categorisation of the test subjects on the brand identity diagram
  • Volume of tables (PDF/Excel)
  • More detailed annotated report (Microsoft Power Point)
  • Price: 7,500 Euro

INNOFACT brand check diagram

Download INNOFACT Brochure Brand Clinic (PDF)