Visual Insight Online

Get qualitative
feedback quickly

What do users think and feel when they see your ads, brochures, TV commercials, posters, websites, packaging or products? Sometimes the pure online questionnaire is not enough. Especially if companies want to have the interviewee’s original sound in order to receive spontaneous reactions, additional qualitative interviews would be important. However, this is time-consuming and makes surveys more expensive. INNOFACT offers an innovation here: Using special software, the respondents can be comfortably recorded and filmed from home with the camera and microphone of their PC or laptop while they are doing the online survey. In this way, you can generate qualitative feedback from your target groups within the shortest time and for a fraction of the cost of a classic studio interview.

Visual Insight from home

Without the need for expensive equipment or being on site in a test studio, the respondent can go through a qualitative interview and give audiovisual feedback. Qualitative feedback is thus also possible for research designs in which the respondents sit in front of the PC at home. This can be, for example, user feedback on topics such as usability, product or packaging tests or assessments of the brand image.

How it works

INNOFACT recruits the participants from the existing online panels. Using the specially developed software, they answer the questions via camera and microphone – from home. The screen activity is also recorded. It is also possible for INNOFACT to comment on the audiovisual content.

These questions will be answered

  • Usability or rating of websites
  • Perception and evaluation of advertisements, brochures, TV spots, posters, websites
  • Perception and evaluation of packaging or products
  • Communication performance of products and services

What INNOFACT delivers

  • Insights from the user’s point of view: See directly and undistorted how respondents actually perceive your advertising or your products.
  • Simplicity: The software solution is uncomplicated for everyone. For your target groups, because they can participate in studies from the comfort of their own homes. And for you, because no time-consuming test setting is necessary.
  • Result orientation: Benefit from a high degree of flexibility in project implementation and speedy delivery of results. Reliable key figures and comments enable you to quickly penetrate the results and communicate them in a way that is easy to understand.
  • Integration into classic surveys: The method can be integrated as a module into any classic online survey. In this way, other KPIs or qualitative assessments can also be queried in a study.
  • Attracting participants from the INNOFACT online panels: We localize your target groups in the largest online access panels in Germany. Here we have already pre-qualified tens of thousands of participants who meet the technical requirements for participation (e.g.: powerful webcam integrated in your own computer).


Download INNOFACT Brochure Visual Insight Online (PDF)